This self-contained method of lifting and transporting containers was first manufactured in New Zealand in 1973. Since then, the concept has proven so successful that ISO container lifters in many different configurations are now the backbone of the transport Systems in New Zealand, Australia and in all Islands in the South Pacific where ISO containers are shipped. But now New Zealand manufactured ISO container lifters and others - mainly from Sweden are now found working in many other countries in the World.

Containerlifters usually operate (but not exclusively) near seaport cities, in Nations which do not have a large infrastructure of forklifts and or loading docks, and where customers need their containers delivered safely to the ground at end destination WITHOUT the double handling of cargo with the inbuilt losses of time or product through theft or damage.

Containerlifters are predominately fitted to SEMI TRAILERS but also can be fitted to a truck chassis.

If you are associated with the Transport Industry please take time to look around these pages. If the concept of a Containerlifter is new to you, I am confident that you will find our site very interesting.

Used Containerlifters

Please view here the range of used Containerlifters that we currently have available or can obtain for you. Please understand that these Sidelifters, Swinglifts and Hammarlifts do not usually stand idle. Therefore any unit which is shown here on these pages may well be no longer available. But please use this as a guide as to what we can supply. We invite your inquiry.

Used Containerlifers


Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Our Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Division is the Australasian, New Zealand and South Pacific represents a few manufacturers who are arguably manufacture some of the best GSE in the World.

We delight in being able to offer at realistic prices, good quality Ground Support Equipment. If you have need of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment in this region we would be delighted to offer Ground Support Equipment which you require.


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